When you are trying to eat healthy, eating out can be challenging for some, mainly on the weekends when we tend to be more social.  Most of the time eating out means hidden calories. “I’m having just a salad” can turn out to be a 1400 calorie meal alone!

Here are a few tips that will help you stay on track and enjoy a night out with loved ones:


1-      Prepare yourself for what’s to come. Many restaurants have their full menus online. Browse through their options and decide what you will be eating ahead of time to avoid being tempted by all the other options they have when you walk in a restaurant.

2-      Eat small portioned meals throughout the day. Avoid being extremely hungry when you go eat out, we tend to over eat when hungry.

3-      Order an appetizer as you main dish. Most appetizers are very well portioned; they are often close to what a proper portion should look like. You can find many delicious options on this part of the menu and it will not only help you save calories, but also your hard earned cash!

4-      Avoid the following words: creamy, butter, oil, alfredo, smothered, dipped, fried, crispy or gravy.

5-      Box your portion. If you order from the main menu, ask for a to-go box when your meal comes out, portion you meal in half to avoid over eating and you can have left overs for the next day!

6-      Avoid sugary drinks. Order water with lemon instead, it is good to help with digestion and it will give you just enough flavor to enjoy your meal. If you must have a cocktail then avoid sugary mixers. Instead opt for a spirit with soda water or a glass of red wine (that is if you must…try to stick with water!)

Having the proper tools to live a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to success, to enjoy time with friends and family, and more importantly to lead by example. Share these tips with your loved ones, you might inspire some changes in someone!

Love, ChicaBoom Team