Sarasota Live Studio

Welcome to ChicaBoom Fitness Sarasota!

Our private studio is a space where we can all conquer our fitness goals. We pride ourselves in providing the support and guidance you will need to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Due to the current health guidelines, we are offering an alternative to stay healthy and strong right from home. Now more than ever health is a priority!

Join our ChicaBoom Family in our daily live workouts. Our workouts are designed to burn fat, build your body and gain strength right from your own home for only $29 a month.

All you have to do is; download the free app Zoom on your phone or computer. Once you sign up on the link below, we will automatically add you to our private FB group where you will get access to daily workouts with our trainers. See schedule below!

Thank you for supporting small business, we are here for you!

Now let’s get #ChicaBoomFit together!

Join our Live Studio today!
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Wendy Rojas

Wendy Rojas

Owner & Certified Personal Trainer

Founder of ChicaBoom Fitness LLC.

USF B.S. Health Sciences Graduate, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist with over five years of professional experience in the fitness and health industry. Physical Culture Association Judge and National level bikini competitor.

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Competitive Bikini Posing

My goal is to help clients discover the power and strength they have within, not only by losing weight but by building strength, shaping the body and gaining healthier habits that can impact daily life. I feel thankful that i can share my passion with all my ChicaBooms by creating not only a fitness brand but a family in which we all support and motivate each other. Let me help you see how amazing you are!

See you soon!

Migneliz Oyola

Migneliz Oyola

Certified Personal Trainer

My family and I moved to Bradenton, FL in 1996 from Puerto Rico. Growing up I was very insecure and self conscious of my body and hid behind baggy clothes. The years went by and I never did anything to change the way I felt about my body. Workout & Diet were two words I knew nothing of and had no interest in learning. Then Life hit at age 25! I discovered that in order for me to love anyone else I needed to love myself first and that looking healthy on the outside is just as important as being healthy mentally. I began to learn the simple Do’s & Don’ts for healthy diet. It wasn’t until sometime later that I finally incorporated workouts into my new healthy lifestyle. I wanted to be strong so I began to workout. I began to make daily and weekly goals to challenge myself. My new found passion for working out helped me find my true self, my inner self and most importantly love for myself. I began to understand my body and understand that no one is perfect and that it is okay to have flaws and embrace every single one of them. Within learning about myself I found the passion of dancing and how you can make your body move in way you never knew it could. Dancing gave me the power I needed to empower women around me. I grabbed my two passions and put them in one. What other way to kill some calories than embracing your body all while dancing. Through out my healthy fit lifestyle I have discovered self love, self motivation and discipline and now I want to share that with others! I wanted to help others find their true self and show them that living a healthy fit life style is not a punishment but a blessing! I’m excited to share this journey with you!

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