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Personal Training

We use a combination of plyometric training, functional training and weight training to improve physical fitness. Our workouts incorporate exercises that will improve your endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Whether you are looking for a push or a complete change in lifestyle, we can provide you with the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals

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Wendy Rojas

Wendy Rojas

Certified Personal Trainer

Jessica Vezilier

Jessica Vezilier

Certified Personal Trainer

They are very awesome young ladies very reliable but don’t let their sweetness fool you they will put you through the pain that is needed to make you achieve the body you so deserve!!! Love you ladies #KimberleyKisses Kimberley Anderson

I love Wendy and Jessica! I had never weight trained before and was hesitant to start at my age, but they have been great. I am getting stronger all the time and feel wonderful! Gail Ortiz

Wow! What an hour workout with our Chicaboom fitness trainer Jessica! Then half hour cardio! Poke me with a fork, I’m done!!! Whew, I’m exhausted!!! Hurt so good!!

Dodie Gregory

These girls will get you fit! They are kicking my butt, and I’m loving it! Michelle Rhodarmer